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Crafts/Story Time


Story Time

This is our new monthly activity, starting in January 2015.  Explore stories with your children through crafts, song, dance, play acting and other activities.  Groups are limited to 12 children as the sessions are hosted at home by the organiser, Lyn Collett, or other members.

In January, we've had lots of fun with "Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus!" by Tony Mitton.  The session began with a snack and reading the story.  We then went on a dinosaur hunt, searching the house for over a hundred hidden toy dinosaurs, made our own paper plate dinosaurs and then had a tasty picnic where the kids all made their own dinosaur sandwiches. We wrapped up by re-reading the story and acting it out.  Tons of noisy roaring fun!

Upcoming sessions:

February: "One Night in the Zoo" by Judith Kerr

March: "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson


When and Where?

Due to the limited numbers and the need to pre-prepare crafts and food related activities, you must book for these sessions. Please check the newsletter diary for details and contact Lynda for availability and location:  ealing135asr@gmail.com 

If you've missed a session that you really wanted to attend, craft templates and instructions can be obtained from Lyn - just drop her an email.

Places are limited because these events are taking place in someone's home so you must actually book in and not just add yourself to the event via Ealing 135 Facebook.





Get your craft on

Location: ALL AREAS - Members only

Feb =  Do you knit, crochet, sew or do some other small, portable craft? Why not come round for a glass of wine and a bit of crafty making fun. Bring your current project, share the stuff you love and show us what you’re making.

Please contact Lynda for availability and location:  ealing135asr@gmail.com


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