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Second time parents group

This group is for those of you expecting your second (third/fourth/fifth or even more!) babies and would like to meet others going through the same experience.

First time round, there's NCT groups and loads of other ways to make friends with other new parents and to create a social circle for your little one. You may even still be thick as thieves with many of those first friends when your second baby comes along.

But second time around is different and a little trickier. You can't pop along to Bumps & Babies, Aquatots, Baby Yoga, Baby Massage or any of the other great things you did with number one if you have a toddler in tow and unless your toddler's little friends are all acquiring baby brothers and sisters at the same time.  There isn't necessarily anyone for your new bundle of joy to share their first smiles with or for you to share the pain of sleepless nights followed by days filled with the unforgivably relentless energy of a toddler. Even if your older kids are in school or nursery, sharing your second baby with mums on their first doesn't quite give you the same level of support and understanding.

What if you could get the great feeling of a supportive baby group and still be able to take your older kids with you or share the trials and tribulations of potty training while caring for a newborn? Enter the Ealing 135 second time parents group.

We will match you up with around half a dozen other mums with babies born around the same time as yours who all already have older kids (which tend, helpfully, to all be similar ages, or at least close enough that they can play together) and help you get together for an initial coffee, usually at the home of one of the members of the group. After that, you can take turns hosting each other and, when the dust settles and you feel braver, you can start venturing further afield.

For more information, secondtimeparentsealing135@gmail.com 

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    Many, Many Things To Do

    From weekly playsessions and Actions, Songs & Rhymes classes to open houses, holiday fun sessions, nearly new sales and fairs, there's always something to do with your kids when you are an Ealing 135 member.

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    As well as our daily activities, we run a varied programme of events throughout the year. Many of our events are open to non-members.