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Single parents

People become single parents for a huge variety of reasons. Whether you're single, divorced, separated or widowed, being a single parent can be a demanding task. And it can feel like a pretty lonely task if you don't have friends and family nearby or don't know anyone else in a similar situation. Being part of a network helps you and your children.

The old adage that a problem shared is a problem halved sounds a bit trite, but there can be huge comfort in finding others whose families look a bit like yours. In the early days you can lean on those who have started to figure things out and then in time to come, you can extend that friendship and support to those just embarking on their single parent journeys.

We run a group which connects you with other lone parents for playdates, activities, evenings out and general support and friendship. Join Ealing 135 and then fill out the form in your first newsletter so that Sarah can connect you with other lone parents in the area.

Contact Sarah Knowles on sarahloveshiphop@email.com

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