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Fit Club

The Fit Club offers lots of things but above all motivation. Trying to keep trim, maintain healthy diets and find time for exercise is hard enough without a demanding family. With young children in tow it can seem almost impossible, especially when the only thing you really want to do when you get two minutes to yourself is flop on the sofa.

The Fit Club will be offering two things: exercise sessions at lots of different levels and also motivational support from members for anyone trying to lose weight or simply maintain a sensible diet.


Fit Club Sessions

The Fit Club Sessions will be at aimed at all different levels of fitness and from simply stretching legs to getting the heart pumping with some real exercise. And by exercise, we mean a little more than the kind that involves catching food launched from dinner tables, navigating living rooms littered with discarded toys and catching hyperactive children before they run onto the A40! We've set out more details of the various sessions below, which can easily be organised yourselves should you wish to but will certainly be organised at various times by the Ealing 135 Fit Club. Planned sessions will be included in the newsletter but otherwise check the Ealing 135 Fit Club Facebook page (www.facebook.com/groups/371011636409790) for up to date details.



This involves meeting at a designated place and following a set trail. All ages of children are welcome to come along on these walks. Not all trails chosen will necessarily be buggy friendly (we'll let you know beforehand) but that is because the aim is for parents to get some exercise and so the intention is to carry your children. It is up to you if you want to do so by using a harness or just carrying in your arms. (Anyone having too much of an easy go of it may be asked to add in some arm exercises with lifting their child in the air!) Don't be worried if you have more than one child, we will always try to arrange numbers so that burden can be shared between all of us and exercise as a group.
These sessions are free.


Cycle rides

This involves meeting at a designated place and following a cycle trail. Trails will be chosen based on safety and appropriateness for children in the hope that all of the family can ride. (At the very least the rides will not be on roads.) Don't worry if your child is too young for a bike as we will try to match up numbers and equipment in the hope that we will have trailers and seats for everyone.
These sessions are free.


‘Prison Break’ Park Runs

These sessions will be held in any of Walpole Park, Lammas Park, North Acton Playing Fields and Acton Park making use of the gated play areas. The children will be inmates (yes even the little babes in arms) and the adults will be guards. The guards will split into two groups, one running a circuit in the park and the others guarding the children and preventing any 'prison breaks'.
These sessions are free. Ealing 135 Members only.



Play Date Challenge

These are sessions held at home where children can play and adults can exercise, usually with a video, in the next room. (Or if you have a son like mine, with children joining in making the exercises that more challenging!)
These sessions are free. Ealing 135 Members only.



Instructor led training

The Ealing 135 Fit Club will also be organising group training sessions with instructors and personal trainers. Sessions will be based on children tagging along and everyone working together to share child minding and exercising.
Minimum numbers and costs determined per session. Ealing 135 Members only.



Fit Club Buddies

The second thing that the Ealing 135 Fit Club offers is support for weight loss or maintaining a healthy diet. It doesn’t involve any set diets for you to follow – if you wanted to follow any particular weight loss diet or plan that will be entirely up to you. But what the Fit Club Buddies will offer is a buddy system where you are paired with another Ealing 135 member to help you with support and motivation.

If you wanted to join Fit Club Buddies there will be 5 rules to follow! They are:


1. You may talk about Fit Club

Talk about the Fit Club, Fit Club Buddies and Ealing 135 as much as you like! (We're a very friendly bunch.)

2. Only eat when you're hungry and stop as soon as you're not

This sounds obvious but if you're like me this is so much more difficult than it sounds. By hungry, on a scale of 1 being full and 10 being so hungry you could eat a horse, this means about 7. I find that my hunger can be fleeting - I'll be hungry at dinner time, but by the time I've prepared dinner, I'm no way near as hungry as I was when I started and actually not that hungry at all. If that is the case, don't eat. If it means a wasted dinner, better that than eating food you don't need and which hurts you by piling on so many unnecessary calories. Just wrap it up and stick it in the fridge to save for when you are hungry.

But mind that you stop eating when you stop being hungry. This could be after one or two bites. Be honest with yourself. It is so easy to get distracted and carried away with a meal (especially when you’re sharing your mealtimes with screaming kids and flying food) so that you find yourself just finishing the last bite or eating the entire bar of chocolate even though you weren't hungry after the first bite. But you must stop when you finish being hungry.

3. Chew every bite 20 times

No matter what you eat, chew it 20 times. Even if it is a sneaky bar of chocolate, savour it and chew each and every bite 20 times. The longer you chew something, the more your body registers the food going in and enjoys it. It is too easy to guzzle down food – especially when you’re hungry – and by the time you’ve finished it was like the meal never happened it was over so quickly. This is even more important when you do treat yourself with foods such as chocolate. Rather than consuming an entire bar of chocolate in one go, take one piece, take your time and savour the taste – try to make it last as long as possible.

4. Drink 2 litres of water a day

That's right - 2 litres a day, minimum. I recommend you start early in the day to get through two litres. Drinking water works best for you if you sip throughout the day – especially because if you do find yourself at the end of the day and chucking down a litre in one go because you’ve realised you’ve forgotten to drink, you’ll then be up all night wanting to pee constantly.

Water is one of the best friends you’ll ever have (!). it fills you up, keeps you hydrated, is good for the skin and most importantly (for me anyway) keeps my hands busy from habitual snacking.

5. Keep a food diary

Write down everything you eat, including water, in a food diary. Be honest - it is pointless lying or withholding anything. If you don't know or aren't honest with what you're eating you won't get anywhere. Even include those sneaky bites when you’re preparing the evening meal, or stealing the leftovers from your child’s discarded food. It all counts.

This is where the Fit Club Buddies come in: other than providing motivational support for each other and hopefully helping each other out with exercising, the purpose of the buddy system is to share your food diaries on a weekly basis. The purpose of writing the diary is to be more conscious of what you’re eating and so much harder to conveniently forget the snacks in between meals and sneaky bits of your children’s ice cream so that you find yourself gaining weight yet feeling like you hardly ever eat anything.

When you get the diary from your buddy, it is important not to judge. What one of us finds really easy to avoid another finds really difficult. We all have our own demons and weaknesses. The important part of the diary is simply to ensure that your buddy has filled one out and if you both decide you wanted to analyse them you can. Overall the goal is to only encourage your buddy and motivate them to stick to the rules.


Joining the Ealing 135 Fit Club and the Fit Club Buddies

If you would like to join the Ealing 135 Fit Club or the Fit Club Buddies, please get in contact with us at ealing135fitclub@gmail.com to join the mailing list for notice of scheduled sessions or to get involved with the Fit Club Buddies. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/371011636409790.

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