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First time parents group

Having your first baby can be a daunting experience. So many new experiences, so many things to worry about (should they make that noise, is their poo meant to be that colour, why don't they sleep, are they sleeping too much, are they eating enough?) and so little sleep to help you make sense of it all.

What you need are other people going through exactly the same thing as you.

We will match you up with around half a dozen other mums with babies born around the same time as yours and help you get together for an initial coffee, usually at the home of one of the members of the group. After that, you can take turns hosting each other and, when the dust settles and you feel braver, you can start venturing further afield.

Perfect for those who haven't done an NCT class or didn't gel with their group (gasp! Yes, it does happen, sometimes you don't become best friends with your NCT group and need another group of friends!). Or if you just fancy getting out and meeting even more people. Ealing 135 groups are a brilliant, low-key and informal way to dip your toe into the world of baby groups - less intimidating than heading off to a playgroup full of toddlers or even a baby group full of twenty other little bubs.

To sign up, join Ealing 135 today and then email the coordinator to find a group: ealing135firsttimeparents@gmail.com

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    Many, Many Things To Do

    From weekly playsessions and Actions, Songs & Rhymes classes to open houses, holiday fun sessions, nearly new sales and fairs, there's always something to do with your kids when you are an Ealing 135 member.

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    It's So Simple To Join Us

    Fill out our online form and sign up today for just over £1 per month.

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    Fun & Interesting Events

    As well as our daily activities, we run a varied programme of events throughout the year. Many of our events are open to non-members.