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Babysitting circle

Need to get out more? Sick of paying twice (once for your night out and again for the babysitter)? Why not join the babysitting circle?

Rather than reciprocal babysitting, we operate a token system. Upon joining, you are given glass pebbles, which equate to six hours of babysitting time. To use your tokens, you email the mailing list with details of your babysitting needs and then someone within the circle will hopefully volunteer to be your sitter. You pay them with pebbles when they sit for you. To earn more pebbles, you volunteer to do some sitting for someone else in the circle. Easy peasy.

Members of the circle are all Ealing 135 members but no background checks, etc. have been made. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to satisfy themselves that they have made mutually agreed arrangements with the member of the babysitting circle who is undertaking "the sit" for them.  Ealing 135 Group cannot be held responsible for the care provided by members of the babysitting circle. 

To help you feel confident using the babysitting circle, regular socials are held so that you can get to know the other members. We find many people with older kids remain Ealing 135 members after their kids have outgrown the other activities in order to benefit from the babysitting circle.

If you'd like to join or know more, please email Cassie Greenwood at 135babysittingcircle@gmail.com

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    Many, Many Things To Do

    From weekly playsessions and Actions, Songs & Rhymes classes to open houses, holiday fun sessions, nearly new sales and fairs, there's always something to do with your kids when you are an Ealing 135 member.

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    It's So Simple To Join Us

    Fill out our online form and sign up today for just over £1 per month.

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    Fun & Interesting Events

    As well as our daily activities, we run a varied programme of events throughout the year. Many of our events are open to non-members.